Technical specifications

Climaboard after a series of patented innovations has managed to overcome the problems associated with earlier designs, in particular those of noise or loss of thermal continuity caused by differential expansion rates between copper pipes and aluminum fins.

Climaboard has a unique, patented method by which the aluminium fins are attached to the copper pipes. Because the flange joint is free to expand and contract while still maintaining good thermal contact, in most situations there should not be a problem with noise. However, one or two clicks may be heard during initial heating up and cooling down cycles.
Climaboard is available in a wide range of colors and can be matched to any surface effect such as wood grain or marble from a sample or digital photograph. It can be painted just like radiators with good quality high temperature paint.



 Materials PP (polypropylene), copper, alu
 Dimensions height 140mm, width 30mm
 Water capacity 0.266 l/m
 Input water temperature οC 40    45     50     55    60     65     70
 Heating output Watt/meter 95   118   153   178   203   218   240
 Heating output Kcal/meter 82   102   132   153   175   188   207

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