Climabord skirting board heating system


Climaboard® is a radiator, which consists of copper tubes, aluminum and PP (Polypropylene).
The aim is to create a perfectly balanced heat environment. It differs from the conventional heating system that we know till now, because it heats the space from the lowest point and through the radiation emitted by the heated walls.
Applying the laws of physics, Climaboard takes advantage of "the Coanda effect", in which the tendency of a moving fluid is to attach itself to a surface and flow along it. Hence, Climaboard is usually mounted inside rooms on the exterior or structural walls where the warm air generated at skirting board level rises following the surface of the wall,effectively drying the wall and acting as an insulating layer to prevent cold air entering through the walls. Thus the system provides comfort even in the most extreme outdoor conditions with a result of both natural and healthy, as the natural feeling of heat that the solar radiation gives during a sunny winter day!


Climaboard® versions

hydraulic version
Climaboard® operates as a common radiator which is supplied by hot water from a complex of burner - boiler or a heat pump, provides to the space the heat that we need.

electric version     
In this case, a specific (220 V) electrical resistance is placed inside of Climaboard and by using a thermostat, we give the required heat. This version is especially attractive for cottages where the boiler-room installation is quite costly and difficult.


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