Autovents for heating radiators


Over time air can build up in heating systems which results in the tops of radiators feeling cool when the bottom is very hot. This increases the energy required to power heating, increases the speed of corrosion inside the radiators, and can make the system noisy in operation.

Aladdin Auto Vent automatically vents air from any radiator, ensuring that only water remains, hence maintaining maximum heat efficiency.During normal operation radiators require bleeding from time to time, this is normal and a common and regular occurrence. By fitting the Auto Vent the bleeding process is carried out automatically without any intervention and guarantees optimum performance and heat transfer at all times.
The result is a hotter radiator from the same energy, which in turn will lead to lower energy bills! 

The valves are fully automatic, requiring no manual adjustment, and will not leak in the unlikely event of failure as a backup failure safety mechanism is incorporated.  Their one–way valve makes them suitable for use with radiators which can cycle into negative pressure, typically loft conversion radiators or on the suction side of the pump. The innovative Hygroseal™ technology (patent pending) utilises a ‘dual-seal positive valve closure’ which provides  an extended, leak-free life.

They are 100% fully automatic   5 years Manufacturer Warranty

• Omni-directional operation for panel and towel type radiators

• Only an adjustable spanner is required for installation which requries no great DIY skills

• Automatic safety feature - patent pending

• Operating Pressure Range: 0-10 bar

• Operating Temp. Range: max. 120 o     


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