OLOC free standing convector - heating


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Exclusive free standing convectors design enhanced by the state-of-theart technologies. Universal design of the free standing convectors with high efficiency also at low temperature gradients. this prederminates them as ideal radiators to be heated by heat pumps.

•high efficiency at low temperature of the heating water
•also suitable for installations with a heat pump
•energy efficient fans with an electric motor and a minimal intake
•immediate reaction to temperature changes in the room
•very quiet operation 

OPTIMISED CONVECTION energy saving motors+very quiet operation 


oloc breakdown

 width (mm) 180, 240
 height (mm) 90, 150
 length (mm) 900, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400, 2800
 outputs (W) see technical specification pdf
 max.working temperature 110 °C
 connecting thread inner G 1/2“


 pdf symb  OLOC technical specifications

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