PK floor convector


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Licon PK convector is intended for embedding in floors, especially in places prohibiting installation of higher radiators, e.g. in front of french windows, winter garden entries, hall entrances, exits etc., in public buildings (shops, administrative buildings etc.), as well as in residential houses. Various colored designs of the floor grids are making convectors suitable for each interior.
• Natural convection convectors
• Wide type & design range
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Use only for dry environment

depth (mm)90, 110, 150, 190, 300, 450
widths (mm)160, 200, 280, 340, 420
lengths (mm)800 to 3000 (per 200 mm)
outputs (W)from 87 to 4100
max.working pressure (MPa)1,2
max.working temperature110 °C
connecting threadinner G 1/2“

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