Photovoltaic Systems


Photovoltaic Systems for electricity production are divided two into major categories:

Stand-alone systems
These systems are designed to cover the electrical needs of a building exclusively on the photovoltaic generators. The system consists of the PV panels, one inverter–charge controller and the batteries. Solar energy is converted into electricity through the PV cells and stored in the batteries. The stored electricity is supplied to the electrical network of the house via a charge controller.
This solution is especially attractive for cottages and remote or isolated places where the electric supply from the power-grid is unavailable.

Grid connected systems
The electricity produced by the grid-connected systems is not stored but on the contrary directly supplied to the grid. For this reason, the provider installs a new meter so that the energy produced can be recorded. At specific times defined by the provider, the cost of the consumed energy and the profit of the produced energy are offset against the grid and either results in a lower bill or in some areas a net refund from the local power company.
This system is a low-cost, easily administrated method of encouraging customer investment in renewable energy technologies. 

Leaf Building Solutions provides complete solutions of stand alone or grid-connected photovoltaic systems. After the appropriate PV study and cost-benefit analysis of the project necessary for the achievement of the maximum performance, we proceed to the building of the system.
Our cooperation with reliable manufacturers of PV products ensures high performance, safety and meets the requirements for the maximum longevity of the systems.

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